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The Air Riders on TV

Jackson Coppley is interviewed on WRDE Coast Life about his new novel.

WRDE Coast Life

The Air Riders Review

For all those who've been itching to step into another galactic journey, the wait is over! The newest entry in the Nicholas Foxe series is here, aptly titled "The Air Riders." The mastermind behind this epic, local author Jackson Coppley, recently shed some light on the excitement brewing in his latest interstellar tale.

If you're unfamiliar with the Nicholas Foxe series, don't fret. Coppley has designed it in a way that allows readers to dive in at any point. "The Air Riders" is the fourth in the series and serves as a thrilling capstone. The narrative is woven around the mystery of an advanced civilization that once thrived on Earth 10,000 years ago but vanished without a trace. Why did they disappear? This book spills the beans: they relocated to another planet. However, the hows and whys are still up for debate, making for an exhilarating read.

Amidst the space-age thrills and enigmas, the tale doesn't shy away from heartbeats of romance. What sets Coppley's novels apart is the blend of realistic technology within the science fiction setting. While the concept of aliens might seem a stretch to some, Coppley ensures the science in the series is grounded. One intriguing concept he shares is the alien's ability to send signals that replicate them, using something they left on Earth 10,000 years prior. This replica returns to Earth through radio transmissions, providing an enticing twist to the sci-fi realm.

Furthermore, the new book introduces a character with malevolent intentions, inheriting the body of a ruthless criminal. His mission? To retrieve something exclusive to Earth that will help him conquer his home planet. The suspense thickens with the question: What is this Earth-exclusive element?

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