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Meet Nicholas Foxe and his team of Code Hunters.


The Ocean Raiders

Nicholas Foxe jets to Venice to spend time with an old flame. Expecting romance, Nick instead finds himself immersed in murder and intrigue.


Nevin Dowd, a billionaire who owns a number of high-tech companies, is in Venice to help save the city from the next big flood. His underwater excavation work uncovers a mysterious object with curious markings. He calls on Nick to decipher the code.

British intelligence discovers evidence of a machine hidden in the ocean that can draw massive power from seawater, but at enormous risk. Is this energy machine connected to the object Nick is trying to decipher?


Nick’s team guards a device that contains advanced knowledge, including details of the energy machine. A group of assassins working for someone known only as Frost, attempts to steal it.


Can Nick and his team get to the machine before it destroys Venice?

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Before The Ocean Raiders

Where it all began

The Code Hunters

An Army Ranger makes a snap decision in the heat of battle.


Cave explorers discover a 10,000-year-old tablet with a mysterious code too complex for ancient people.


An elderly violin maker and his autistic daughter guard manuscripts telling of an advanced civilization.


Fate brings these people together in a mystery, when solved, will change the future of mankind.


Nicholas Foxe assembles an unlikely team tasked to unlock the secrets of the tablet. They travel from western caves to the old world searching for clues. The tablet promises major scientific and societal breakthroughs.


Powerful men, determined to own the results, stand in their way. The reader meets a televangelist who intends to profit from his religious interpretation of the tablet; a senator who secretly serves a powerful constituent; a mysterious Texan who foresees extraordinary wealth in owning the tablet; and a bombmaker with the latest destructive products.


It's a life and death race.


What did the ancients leave behind?

Who will find the answers first?

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Award-Winning Author

Jackson Coppley