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Who is Jackson Coppley?

  • I believe in the inspiration of imagination.

  • I believe in the magic of what-if.

  • I believe in the power of a story.

There are so many ideas that entertain and amaze.​

I want to capture them and share with you.


About the Author

Jackson Coppley is a best-selling author who weaves stories from a sophisticated knowledge of technology and an understanding of human behavior.  Coppley’s resume includes a dynamic career with leading world communications and technology companies and the launching of what the press called “a revolutionary software program.” His sensitivity about human behavior, combined with the understanding of the potential of technology, brings to his writing a glimpse of what is yet to come.

A world traveler and consummate storyteller, Coppley developed an interest in, and an understanding of cultural differences and includes his observations in his books.  His YouTube video on the Hmong people of Vietnam, as one example, received thousands of hits and demonstrates how he investigates other cultures and incorporates them into his work.

Coppley was born in Lexington, North Carolina. A smart kid who majored in Physics at N.C. State. Eager to be in an urban environment, Coppley moved to Washington, DC where he pursued a technology career.  Coppley now turns his love of storytelling into writing novels.

Best Selling Author

Jackson Coppley

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