Leaving Lisa - An AI Love Story

What if a device could capture everything imaginable about one person, that person dies and you could ask it anything…especially the questions you neglected to ask when alive?


Jason Chamberlain’s wife, Lisa, dies and the machine, in her voice, sends him on a journey around the world to spread her ashes. Leaving Lisa is a story of loss, transformation, and new love.

Praise for Leaving Lisa:


“… a wonderful story, very original idea, cleanly written and it moves along with enough details of characters, and switches between, that drew this reader in…”


“I enjoyed the book – the concept struck me as both unique and interesting – using a bit of sci-fi… a book about personal relationships and grief.”


“Excellent job on transporting the reader to each of the destinations. I really felt I was experiencing Costa Rica, Vietnam, and Italy...”


 “I didn't want to put it down.”

 Tales From Our Near Future


Tales From Our Near Future weaves stories that show where we soon may be in our personal lives and loves in a fast changing world.

​What happens when the age of high technology encounters the human need for love? Read Jackson Coppley’s compilation of short stories to learn the answer.

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Jackson Coppley