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Portifino to Boccadasse

Looking back on trips to warm places:


A small fishing village caressed by villas of the rich and famous, Portofino is a seaside town co-oped into a fame that was not of its making. Farmers with olive orchards compete with outlandish homes for mastery of unmatched views of the Ligurian blue waters and clear skies.

Noli and Finale Ligure

Both have the attraction of Ligurian beaches and dining by the sea, but in Finale Ligure, we spent time with the Parodi family on their farm, sampled their homemade jams, honey, marmalade and gelato, and spent time around a table in their orchard in good company.


The eastern reaches of Genoa is home to the beach where the citizens go. Here, old fishing villages hug the shore with grand palazzi lining the other side of the street.

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