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Three points I’ll make about Antigua:

First, you must pronounce it right. It’s as if the ‘u’ was not there: An – tig’ –a. My first education to the correct pronunciation was on the plane. One flight attendant said Antiga. I thought it to be an affectation of his. Then the pilot came on the intercom and pronounced it the same way. OK, I got the idea.

Second, the island is British. Sure, the US has British roots too, but Antigua is quite UK. Leaving the airport in a cab with the steering wheel on the right and driving on the left of the road, that’s expected of a former colony, but passing a cricket field or two provided further evidence. At the resort, Brits outnumbered the Yanks. We had to make a connection from DC through Miami, but for our friends across the pond, there’s a direct daily flight from London.

Third, Antiqua is in the sweet spot of Caribbean weather, pleasing to Goldilocks: Not too hot, not too cold, with temperatures in the low 70s at night and in the 80’s in the heat of the day. This was February and the Antiguan’s swear this to be the case most of the year. Rain, like most of the Caribbean comes and goes expeditiously not to ruin your day.

We stayed at the Verandah resort on the east end of the island and loved the lush plantings surrounding us and the cove beneath our room’s balcony. We had an easy walk to two pools and two beaches, one equipped with water sport equipment such as kayaks and small sailboats. This is an all-inclusive resort so the water paraphernalia was rent-free and the food plentiful. We made friends with couples from the UK and Canada with whom we lubricated our cocktail hours with all-inclusive booze. Yes, I got my money’s worth.

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