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Leaving Lisa - The Movie

The Book Pipeline Competition is an annual search for books that have the promise of attracting a movie deal. Leaving Lisa did not make the cut this year. Too bad, right? No, not altogether. Let me tell you why.

I remember an author getting rejection letters from agents, but one took the time to explain why. That author appreciated it for two reasons. First, the agent valued the book enough to take the time for a response. In a business where there is an avalanche of writing in the in-basket, it means something to be picked from the drift. Second, the agent provided expert criticism. A critique coming from a professional is valuable. Although I enjoy praise, it dwells on the strengths and forgives the weaknesses.

I received a critique from a judge at The Book Pipeline that provided the value my author friend depicted. It’s fantastic they read the material. When you send something to an agent, they read the first page and pass judgment. The critique I received made apparent that they dug deeper.

So, what did it say? Nope, not going there. It’s just for me. I will give one tidbit: I made the main character remote and his first-person narrative in short sentences by design, but the judge thought this made him off-putting as a character. True, people dislike Jason. They love the character I gave more depth, Irina. Now, for a movie in particular, the judge believed Jason needed more attraction. Duly noted.

So, although Leaving Lisa may not be coming to a screen near you soon, it remains a good read, and critiques like the one received will make my next novel (under development) even better.

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