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Beach Life - Award Winning Story

I’m pleased to announce my short story The Bomber Jacket won a top award in the 2017 Beach Reads contest. There were 143 entries of which my story tied for third place and will be published along with a 24 other entries in the book Beach Life published by Cat and Mouse Press. Beach Life is now available at Browseabout Books in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, and on Amazon.

Beach Life is the 5th book in the award-winning Rehoboth Beach Reads series of short story collections set in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. This anthology contains 25 stories in a variety of genres (historical fiction, romance, magical realism, memoir, mystery, humor) that make perfect beach reads but can be enjoyed any time of the year. Here's just some of what's in store in Beach Life: You’ll find a girl with dreams of making the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue, a consignment store jacket with a history, a well-traveled hermit crab, a mermaid wedding, and a boardwalk mime. You'll meet a young con artist, a dolphin rescuer, a herd of Hemingway impersonators, a girl who's gone viral, and a woman who realizes she's a dead ringer for her husband's former flame.


Hole in One, Amanda Linehan

The Mime’s Niece, Emily Zasada

The Fog, Linda Chambers

Too Many Hemingways, Joseph L. Crossen

Not in My World, Kathleen Martens

The Bomber Jacket, Jackson Coppley

Ralphie to the Rescue, Carl Schiessl

The Swimsuit Issue, Chris Jacobsen

A Beautifully Disturbing Day at the Beach, John Edmonds

Rearrangements, Marie Lathers

Some Girls, Michael Sprouse

The Nereid’s Wedding, Elizabeth Michaelson

Monaghan Life Starts on Tiptoes, Lonn Braender

Secrets , Amber Tamosaitis

The Boy on the Bike, Susan Miller

The Stranger and the Horseshoe, Alex Hannah

The Bench, Jenny Scott

We Found Buried Pirate Treasure!, Douglas Harrell

The Sweet Truth, Jeanie P. Blair

A Day in the Life, David Strauss

And the Sea Hath Spoken, Darryl Forrest

Lefty and the Empty Bucket of Fries, Tony Houck

Bottleneck at Hole 14, Renay Regardie

The Shot Shared Round the World, Joy Givens

The Understudy, Terri Kiral

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