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The Secret - Lee & Andrew Child

Updated: Mar 29

Few readers would recognize the writing team of brothers James and Andrew Grant. However, they would immediately recognize the pen name of Lee Child, author of Jack Reacher novels. His brother Andrew adopted the moniker of Child when he began collaborating with Lee on the 25th book in the Jack Reacher series. “The Secret” is their fifth novel together.


“The Secret” is not only the fifth collaboration between the brothers, but it is designed to be the last before brother Andrew takes over the series on his own.


“The Secret” is a prequel set when Jack Reacher was still in the army. The reader may enjoy stories set in the near past to see if the author gets technical things right. With “The Secret,” the fax machine plays a role. No texting. No cell phones. The Childs get things right.


The novel intertwines two distinct plotlines. One follows a duo of sisters methodically executing men listed in connection to a secretive project, their sinister inquiries about the elusive "ninth name" serving as a repeated refrain. Meanwhile, Reacher finds himself embroiled in a separate investigation as part of a specialized task force, initially seemingly disconnected but ultimately converging with the sisters' deadly agenda.


As Reacher navigates twists and turns, his pursuit of the sisters unveils not only a string of preventable deaths but also exposes a clandestine cover-up surrounding the enigmatic project. The revelation of the elusive ninth name holds a startling revelation, challenging readers' expectations and culminating in a truly shocking climax.


What the ninth name is comes out, eventually. But who included the ninth name on the list that may surprise the reader. That’s the real shocker.

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