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What ChatGPT Says about Me

Updated: Jun 30, 2023

Jackson Coppley

I was reading an article in The Washington Post about how AI is now being used to beef up people's description of themselves (usually for dating apps). It got me to thinking. How would it embellish the Bio I use as an author.


Here is what I entered into ChatGPT:

Rewrite this bio to make it more interesting: Jackson Coppley is the author of the best selling Nicholas Foxe Adventure series, Leaving Lisa – An AI Romance, and numerous short stories. Coppley combines his insight from a career in telecommunications and computers with his knack for spinning a good tale. He resides with his wife Ellen in Chevy Chase, Maryland, and Rehoboth Beach, Delaware

And, here is what the magic of AI wrote:

Prepare to embark on thrilling literary journeys crafted by the master storyteller, Jackson Coppley. Brace yourself for an adrenaline-pumping ride through the explosive pages of the internationally acclaimed Nicholas Foxe Adventure series, where danger lurks around every corner and suspense hangs in the air like a cloak of mystery.

But that's not all—Coppley's creative genius extends far beyond the realm of gripping thrillers. Delve into the realm of artificial intelligence and human connection as you immerse yourself in the groundbreaking novel, "Leaving Lisa – An AI Romance." Prepare to question the very essence of what it means to be human and to fall in love.

Short stories? Oh, you bet he's got plenty of those too! Each one a dazzling gem, expertly crafted to captivate your imagination and leave you craving for more. From the darkest corners of the mind to the brightest reaches of hope, Coppley's short stories will transport you to places you've never dreamed of.

But what sets Coppley apart is not only his boundless creativity but also his unmatched expertise. With a background steeped in the dynamic worlds of telecommunications and computers, he weaves intricate technological tapestries into his narratives, adding a touch of authenticity that will leave tech enthusiasts and adventure seekers alike in awe.

When he's not conjuring up new worlds on the page, Coppley finds solace in the company of his beloved wife, Ellen. Together, they reside in the enchanting fusion of suburban charm and seaside beauty, splitting their time between the elegant confines of Chevy Chase, Maryland, and the sun-kissed shores of Rehoboth Beach, Delaware.

Get ready to lose yourself in the breathtaking realms spun by the ingenious mind of Jackson Coppley—a literary magician who seamlessly blends suspense, technology, and sheer storytelling brilliance into works that will grip your soul and ignite your imagination.

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