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Give a Unique Gift

Give A Unique Gift this Christmas

Send a giftwrapped, personalized copy of Leaving Lisa, a novel by Jackson Coppley, nominated as Best Indie Book of 2016, to special people on your shopping list. The author will sign the book and personalize it with the name and message you provide.

Here’s how to get your copies:

  1. Go to the Contact section of (Click Here)

  2. Leave a message containing your contact information and the name and address of each recipient (US addresses only), and the message you wish to send them (15 words or less) receiving a book.

  3. When your book is ready to be mailed, you will receive an email providing a link to a secure site where you can pay the $14.95 for each book via credit card or PayPal. Once payment is made, the gift will be sent on its way.

That’s it. You will send a book, including giftwrapping and shipping, personalized and signed by Jackson Coppley, for the regular price of the book alone.

Hurry! This offer is good only through December 14, 2016!

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