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Simply Lies by David Baldacci

Updated: Dec 7, 2023

"Simply Lies" by David Baldacci is a psychological thriller that defies a conventional rule: Draw the reader in from the first page. Instead, Baldacci immerses us in a chaotic domestic scene involving a struggling single mother and her unruly children. Despite this unconventional start, the novel captivates as it unfolds the story of Mickey Gibson, a former police officer turned stay-at-home mom, whose life takes a mysterious turn.

Mickey's routine work for the detective agency ProEye takes an unexpected twist when she is assigned a field task to inventory a mansion. What begins as a routine job leads Mickey to discover a hidden dead body, setting off a chain of events that challenges her perception of reality. Reporting the incident to the police, Mickey finds herself in a perplexing situation, as nobody at ProEye claims to have sent her on this assignment.

The enigmatic Clarice, a voice on a burner phone, emerges as the catalyst for Mickey's involvement in the investigation. Despite being an unknown entity, Clarice compels Mickey to delve deeper into the case and unveil the identity of the killer. The narrative skillfully explores Clarice's background without revealing her identity, adding layers of intrigue to the unfolding mystery.

As the story progresses, the midpoint may create a false sense of conclusion, but Baldacci expertly introduces unforeseen twists and turns, keeping readers involved in, what turns out to be, a more complicated plot. To fully grasp the intricacies of the plot, readers might find it beneficial to keep notes on the evolving characters and unfolding events.

"Simply Lies" proves to be a fascinating and well-crafted read, defying expectations and delivering a fine psychological thriller. I highly recommend it to readers seeking a suspenseful and unpredictable narrative.

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