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Lee Child's Night School

Night School, although bearing a 2016 publication date, is listed as number 2 in the Jack Reacher series that spans over 21 books. It takes place in 1996 when Reacher is still in the Army and has not yet become the man who packs no bag and hops on a bus to the next random location it takes him. I suspect it was written by Lee Child back in the early part of the series as well. Although Child's writing then as now is composed of incomplete sentences devoid of commas, his later writing sets a richer visual image of the setting. The book ends with a snippet of the next book in the series and the change in the richness of the writing is evident. The book takes some time to get up to speed, but the later part is an adventure and worth it, although it ends abruptly, wrapping everything up in a thousand words or less. BTW: I was introduced to Jack Reacher through the movies rather than the books. In the movies, Tom Cruise plays Jack Reacher. So, my image needed readjustment when the book describes Reacher as six foot four and 250 pounds.

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