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Hunter - by Robert Bidinotto

Robert Bidinotto’s Hunter is among the early independent-published successes of Kindle several years ago. Part of the success is being first in a new means of distribution, but the other, more important factor: It’s a darn good book. Well written with a fine plot.

Bidinotto weaves a compelling story with twists and turns. You become connected to his main character, and I felt conflicted as I feared he might be something I didn’t want him to be.

The story is about a modern vigilante who terminates the worst of the bad guys. But he also exposes good-intentioned enablers who attend more to the criminal that to the victim. Each of the vigilante’s hits (murders, not music) have the drama of the shark attacks in Jaws. Without revealing the perpetrator, Bidinotto puts you there, living the drama.

The book begins as a spy story in the first two chapters. Then, you are launched into vigilante killings wondering how the spy story connects. Have no fear. They do.

Hunter is first in a series of three. Although the first is complete and ties up all loose ends, you will want to read them all.

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