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Born from Ashes

Updated: Nov 5, 2023

"Born from Ashes" by L.T. Ryan and K.M. Rought is the seventh installment in the Cassie Quinn series. The book manages to hold its own as a compelling murder mystery. Cassie Quinn, a consultant to the Savanah Police Department, possesses a unique ability – she sees the spirits of the deceased. Surprisingly, this supernatural skill, while central in a few critical moments involving kidnap victims and murderers, doesn't dominate her crime-solving prowess.

The collaborative work of L.T. Ryan and K.M. (Karen) Rought in this series offers a distinctive perspective through Cassie Quinn's character. Rought likely provided the nuanced female viewpoint. Cassie teams up with Jason, a detective, and together, they confront adversaries who often are women.

The core of the story revolves around a serial killer who has been committing murders sporadically over a decade. What makes this killer distinctive is the unmistakable signature – each victim bears the sign of the cross in ash on their forehead and is laid to rest in a shroud, giving rise to the name "Ash Wednesday Murders."

As the narrative unfolds, the influence of a powerful publicity company named Apex becomes clear. This company boasts influential politicians among its clientele. Some of whom have deep-seated secrets that need to remain buried, both figuratively and literally.

With a plot full of unexpected twists and turns, "Born from Ashes" delivers all the elements one would anticipate in a gripping murder mystery. It a standalone gem in the Cassie Quinn series.

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