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The Code Hunters - The Movie

Book Pipeline selects novels to pitch movie studios. Is there a book that might challenge a movie producer? The Code Hunters may be one. See the follow Book Pipeline review:

THE CODE HUNTERS is an incredibly ambitious, sprawling sci-fi adjacent action-adventure story. The vivid imagination of the author is impressive and should be commended. However, looking at THE CODE HUNTERS through a purely film/TV adaptation lens, it's unlikely that it would be attractive to producers and studios. The biggest reason? This would require an astronomically large budget to pull off. And with producers and studios increasingly showing trepidation towards taking large financial gambles on untested, globe-trotting IP such as this, THE CODE HUNTERS would likely scare a lot of them off.


Keep in mind the feedback is not a criticism of the writing or the material itself--we consider the current film/TV market demands heavily, if not exclusively, into our criteria. Many entries, to be honest, were quite good, or had glimmers of potential, but for various reasons we felt the project might have a tougher time grabbing the attention of production companies. Since we work very closely with winners and finalists on development and circulation, we have to put that standard at the forefront.

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