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The Enigma Strain

Folks that buy my Nicholas Foxe adventures like The Code Hunters also buy Harvey Bennett Thrillers by Nick Thacker, and for a good reason. They’re page turners.

The first Harvey Bennett book I read was The Enigma Strain. I have Nick Foxe, Thacker has Harvey Bennett. They are much different people. Harvey (goes by Ben) is a ranger at Yellowstone. His quirks include not liking to fly. His challenge is a virus that might spread like wildfire through volcanic activity in his beloved park. So, as if volcanoes in Yellowstone are not enough, how about mixing in a deadly virus made by a mysterious and evil company?

Ben is joined by Julie in the adventure and, they might take their affair further were it not for the above-mentioned volcano / virus thing. They must keep alive and stop the outbreak.

The Centers for Disease Control gets involved (and they are far more functional than in today’s political environment.) This microscopic beast is far more deadly than the coronavirus. You might enjoy this adventure to see how much worse a pandemic could be.

Thacker serves up fast-paced adventure with a hero we can identify with. It’s a fun read.

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