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The Family Man

You can judge a book by its cover. Not so with A Family Man. As I write this, author Anna Willett may have changed the cover from the one on the edition I reviewed. A man power-washing his truck has nothing to do with the story inside. The cover minimizes the quality of the story, which is quite good.

The setting is Willett’s native Australia where a family discovers video in the attic of the home they just bought. The police become involved since the video clearly identifies at least one person who disappeared more that ten years ago. The inspector leading the cold case is a woman who’s not encouraged by her superior to investigate the case, especially since the alleged perpetrator died ten years ago.

However, the inspector believes the perp had help and that helper is on the loose.

The twists and turns in the plot held this reader’s interest. There are a few never-saw-that-coming moments like the way in which the suspect’s wife became Mrs. Creep. It is not a long story, which makes it attractive to the reader who wants a punch without waiting around.

I recommend it.

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