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Letter to editor of Time Magazine

In your article iNeed?, Grossman and Vella state “Once you’re OK with wearable technology, the only way forward is inward. That is exactly the premise of the short story ‘Google Boy’ in my recently released book Tales From Our Near Future. We now can ‘google’ any question to receive the answer, take any name to find all public information on a person we just met, and guide ourselves to the best place to eat based where we are standing at the moment. In ‘Google Boy,’ I show how social interaction might be for someone who has absorbed the technology internally.

Social changes in the age of advanced technology are subtle and seductive. The first time I saw that anyone could see where I lived on a map, it gave me pause. When a satellite photo was later available, I was again uncomfortable. Now, who cares?

We are quickly evolving as social animals and technology is pushing us in that direction. How will things change when everyone knows everything? The optimist says ‘now we can bring true analytical skills to education rather than rote memory.’ The pessimist says ‘we have now lost all privacy.’ The truth lies somewhere in between. But we need not wait long to see that truth. It is coming soon.

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