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The Ocean Raiders - A Nicholas Foxe Adventure

Synopsis and Commentary

Nevin Dowd, a billionaire who owns a number of high-tech companies, is in Venice to help save the city from the next big flood. His underwater excavation work uncovers a mysterious object with curious markings. He calls on Nick to decipher the code.

British intelligence discovers evidence of a machine hidden in the ocean that can draw massive power from seawater, but at enormous risk. Is this energy machine connected to the object Nick is trying to decipher?

Nick’s team guards a device that contains advanced knowledge, including details of the energy machine. A group of assassins working for someone known only as Frost, attempts to steal it.

Can Nick and his team get to the machine before it destroys Venice?


I've been to Venice several times. Two years ago, I considered how the rising sea level is dramatically affecting the ancient city. Boats cannot pass under many bridges and flooding is becoming more severe. What better place to create an adventure?

Last year, I returned to Venice with an agenda. I wanted to visit the bridge where a bad guy gets what's coming to him. I stayed in the suite where a character is murdered. I met with the engineers for Mose, the flood control project. I visited the police station where a central character works. I wanted to make the book believable and real, even if there is a scifi element involved.

I trust that when you read The Ocean Raiders, I succeed in transporting you to Venice. Let me know how the trip goes.

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